"Scratch Pad"
  Guitar Finish Protector


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  Scratch Pad® is an attractive, NON-ADHESIVE, REMOVABLE guitar finish protector which is easily applied, removed and re-applied to another guitar in seconds.

Scratch Pad's multi-layered design shields your guitar from the scratches, dings and impact-divots which are caused by belt buckles, buttons, zippers, snaps, pocket rivets and... the abrasive effect of denim.

Scratch Pad's patented "Sof-Cling"TM technology allows Scratch Pad to cling gently but securely to your guitar or bass WITHOUT the use of adhesives, elastic bands or vinyl films. 



The copolymer shown above, left is incorporated into Scratch Pad's multi-layer design to provide 'impact' as well as 'scratch' protection.

The image above right, magnifies the copolymer 150 times to reveal the micro-suction cups which provide Scratch Pad's ability to cling without adhesive.



"I've spent countless hours building hand crafted custom designed guitars.  When Scratch Pad invited me to join their R&D Team, I was floored by their product."

"Scratches aren't character... they're just scratches!"

Kurt Wilson / Kurt Wilson Guitars



"This outstanding product clings to the back of your guitar or bass and peels off with no residue. These guys spent years developing this accessory and it's one of the most amazing products I've ever seen."

Jon Kammerer / Jon Kammerer Guitars



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