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A great deal of care went into creating the flawless finish of your instrument.  To protect that investment, Scratch Pad has selected the highest quality 'American Made' materials which are assembled exclusively “In the USA.”  

Scratch Pad is currently available in the four colors shown below.  However, due to the limitations of many computer monitors, the colors shown will not demonstrate how plush and vibrant the colors truly are.   

"I love the feel of the pad.   I also cut a second pad in two pieces, I use one half as an arm rest on the front of the guitar and the other half as a color coordinated pick guard." John C /Chicago, IL  

We have not forgotten about the aesthetic value of dressing up your instrument.  The surface of the Scratch Pad is a soft and attractive velveteen.  








The dimensions (size & shape) of Scratch Pad have been designed to accommodate the most vulnerable wear areas of ALL electric and acoustic guitars.

At almost a foot in length, the unique design of Scratch Pad will even protect the distinctive shape of the 'Flying V' as well as Pauls, Strats, acoustics, etc. [See the diagram at the bottom of this page for Scratch Pad's dimensions.]

The materials used in Scratch Pad manufacturing are color-fast so, like the American Flag, Scratch Pad colors will never run nor fade.  

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