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NOTE:  A national survey has determined that 'Music Retailers' discount their Stringed/Fretted display instruments by an average of $33.00 (12%) due to damage caused by customer attire such as belt buckles, zippers & pocket rivets.  See Music Trades Magazine re. Protecting Your Inventory.

§         Applying Scratch Pad to your display units virtually eliminates damage lossessaving retailers hundreds, even thousands of dollars every year.
§         Scratch Pad's "Sof-ClingTM" technology allows Scratch Pad to cling gently but securelywithout the use of adhesives, vinyl films or elastic bands. 
§         Scratch Pad is easily removed and reapplied to another instrument in under four seconds, allowing you to protect your entire display inventory with a modest number of Scratch Pads.
§         The use of Scratch Pad as an in-house finish protector also promotes additional salesof Scratch Pad guitar finish protectors at your accessory counter.
§         Scratch Pad is proud to be "Made in the U.S.A." with American Made Materials.