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Nate Jaeger of STILETTO

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---------------------------------- Born and raised on welfare in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, Nate Jaeger used his newspaper route as a disguise for doing numbers collections for the local boss on Lacy Street.

Unable to live on $26 a month, additional money had to be earned to support himself, his mother and half sister.

Nate was a tough street kid who loved tying his radio anttena to the steel frame of their apartments' window so he could hear Rock and Blues late at night.

When Nate was eleven a neighbor [before returning to prison] made a guitar neck out of a wooden plank and strung the neck with newspaper bailing wire to simulate guitar strings. The would be Luthier then sketched all of the notes on the neck of the faux guitar. Although it made no sound, Nate could feel the strings and practice finger positions, chords and scale progressions on his way to and from school each day.

A Catholic Nun from a local school offered to provided Nate with free singing and piano lessons and taught Nate how to play the notes and chords on the piano. The notes that Nate of course could not hear on his faux guitar. Those sounds were implanted in his mind to the extent that Nate could hear them on his muted guitar.

Taken into custody during a New York City Police raid of the local hangout while Nate was unfortunately delivering his weekly numbers collection money to the Boss, Nate's mother was "advised" by the Judge to move Nate away from Hell’s Kitchen. So, at the age of twelve, Nate arrived in San Francisco still sporting his faux guitar.

While living in the San Francisco projects, Nate would rent a lawn mower and cut lawns to earn the money for his first real guitar at thirteen.

Every Friday night he would go down to the projects' Community Center and sit on the edge of the stage during live performances by Blue’s greats such as Jimmy Reed, Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters and Sunnyboy Williamson.

At the age of fourteen, Nate was sent to a small upper middle class suburb of Campbell, California to live in a new foster home. Without the daily struggle for safety and survival, Nate started to soar in his dexterity, speed and interpretation of Rock and Blues music.

At the age of fifteen, Nate formed a Rock Band called The Rock Express and started packing the kids in at local school dances with original material. Soon after, Nate's ability to play and sing anything at a moments notice and his speed as a Lead Guitarist earned him a contract as a Studio Musician in Hollywood.

Nate was then offered several major music contracts which would have required him to surrender his creativity and freedom to strangers whose only goal seemed to be to pigeon-hole his talents for the almighty dollar so, Nate walked away from the spotlight, just in time to serve in another capacity.

The music changed during his military duty as a famed Sinper in the ranks of the United States Marine Corp. Nate returned home from Vietnam to find that he needed to start a new career. A career without the financial insecurity of the music industry [or the Movie Industry where Nate served as an advisor for the production of "Rambo."] So, Nate hung up his guitar and disappeared from the music scene until 2000, when he came out of the Southland with a Rocking style that set the music in his soul on fire once again.

Your influences Nate? We became involved in the "ROOTS of ROCK N' ROLL" Tour and eventually performed all the music from 1953-2003. Nate Jaeger is a unique act, playing and singing everything, so we can book any club anywhere.

Your favorite venues? Anything in Beverly Hills or Pebble Beach where our studios are located.

Anything else? It is amazing that so many people,especially teenagers,have re-discovered whole decades of Rock n' Roll for the first time.

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