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Fifty Seven Stitch

Fifty Seven Stitch's high-energy, guitar-driven songs hammer home a simple concept: big guitars, big sound, and big attitude! The band fuses the momentum of modern hard rock with an array of classic rock influences to create a truly hybrid sound. Melodic vocal arrangements and tasteful use of the guitar solo combine to form this band's signature sound, underscoring the commitment to excellence on display in its live shows and powerhouse recordings. Brett Petrusek: Lead Vocals/Guitar Brett's gritty vocals and savvy arrangements are the foundation of the Fifty Seven Stitch sound. An accomplished guitar player and songwriter, Brett delivers a level of energy you can hear in the studio and see on stage. Brett secured a recording contract with Mike Varney of Shrapnel Records and went on to play in numerous critically acclaimed Minneapolis acts before forming Stitch. Dan Haney: Drums/Percussion Originally from the internationally distributed group Juggernaut, Dan brings a unique style and unparalleled energy to Fifty Seven Stitch. His aggressive approach and tasteful fills set the bar for contemporary rock drumming. He is a creative force whose contributions go beyond his work on the drums. Robert Berg: Bass/Backing vocals Rob's thundering bass lines, stellar support vocals, and a charismatic stage presence add yet another dimension to Fifty Seven Stitch machine. Robert and Brett performed together in numerous Minneapolis-based bands before relocating to L.A. and signing with Shrapnel Records. Robert went on to sign with Atlantic Recording artist TatooRodeo and toured the greater Los Angeles area. Jamie Rardin: Guitar New to the Minneapolis music scene, Jamie draws on a wide range of musical styles. Versed in both blues and country, he remains devoted to classic rock and roll. His versatility brings new depth and character to the Fifty Seven Stitch ensemble. His arrival has allowed the band to evolve and explore new musical territories yet retain their trademark "massive wall of sound." History: Fifty Seven Stitch was formed in late 1999, when the band released its eponymous debut CD. Local FM radio as well as TV and print media embraced the release, and the group charted and received airplay on CMJ reporting stations throughout the country. Local FM radio as well as TV and print media embraced the release. Brett, Dan, and Rob have played together in numerous Minneapolis acts prior to forming Fifty Seven Stitch. Their history together is one of the truly magical elements of the band. The chemistry between these three borders is magical; their sound is proof of alchemy The new Fifty Seven Stitch release "NERVEBLOCK" is a testament to the bands growth, maturity, and commitment to rock! Remember guitar solos? Fifty Seven Stitch