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"Carl Davis Band"

The Carl Davis Band is a common site in the blues clubs in the Chicago area. The band appears regularly at some of the best blues clubs, including Buddy Guy's Legends and Pop's Highwood. A great many people in today's music market have forgotten that there is a difference between blues and rock & roll. Any kid with a Strat, a fuzzbox, and a stack of Jimi Hendrix records can lay claim to being a bluesman these days without the public at large making too much of a fuss. For some, however, there is nothing like the blues in the strictest form. The classic Chicago and West Coast sounds of the 1950's and 1960's speak to some musicians like nothing else in the world and compel them to tend the flame of tradition. The Carl Davis Band are keepers of this sacred fire. The band lays down an authentic first-generation electric blues sound that harkens back to the styles' glory days. Rather than exaggerating the mannerisms of the music in order to attract attention, The Carl Davis Band expends its effort polishing the subtle facets of the blues and plays it smooth and cool..... The centerpiece of their show is guitarist/vocalist/bandleader Carl Davis. A straight-into-the-amp type of guitar player, Davis ’ style is refreshingly free of the SRV/Hendrix excesses so common in blues today. Instead, Carl plays in the spirit of his inspirations. His taut phrasing and hard swing give his playing a voice that is more unique in the current scene than one might think. Vocally, Carl’s mode is slick and smooth. His singing has drawn comparisons to Rick Estrin of Little Charlie and the Nightcats for its uptown hipster tone. Davis is also an excellent performer, showing confidence and poise behind the microphone. Watching Carl front his band, it is obvious that this is one player who has taken the time to learn the lessons of the past masters. He gives off the same kind of charisma and old-school cool. The band Davis fronts is the classic Chicago guitar-harp-bass-drums lineup and features some of the best blues musicians in Chicago . The Carl Davis Band delivers the blues as they were. They capture the original electric sound of the style, before it was merged with rock & roll in the modern era. In their show fans hear echoes of Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, B.B. King, and Little Walter coupled with Davis ' own songwriting. The end result of the combination takes the CDB out of the realm of imitation and into that of a band that works to keep the music's traditions alive. As the blues enters the new millennium, the Carl Davis Band will be there to never let blues fans forget where it all came from. Carl Davis Band