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Stevie Banch of Spyder Baby

The " BAND " started for in 2003. I released an E.P. in summer 2004 to get the preverbal ball-gage rolling. I wrote, produced, and played all instruments minus some live drums on the E.P. and on the new c.d.(yet untitled) as well with exception of a song that I wrote- called "BITTER" .that one was produced by AL from Ministry and he made it sound astounding, an impressive talent that Al, a true Rock n' Roll Legend. Um.....The Gathering of musicians was for the most part all thru word of mouth and befriending. Bass Player: -Eric Griffin is from the band The Murder Dolls, I had met him @ the House of Blues in Anaheim at a BLS Show and etched a friendship which led to his " hiring in". Guitarist: Dee Jay was a referred to me by my Web designer Stephen, where the two knuckle-heads mushroomed up as kids in the Chicago area. Read more at Spyder Baby