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Monster from "Jugulur"

JUGULUR hit the music scene head on with grab-you-by-the-throat rocking intensity, their “Power/Groove/Metal”. With a melodic lyrical content woven throughout, their mix of metal, nu-metal and punk explodes on stage or CD. JUGULUR delivers raw energy, great songs, and awesome stage show production. JUGULUR is NAIL, drummer who sets the pace with solid rhythms and double bass drums. Monster’s thundering bass lines connect groove to melody while Raz'r on guitar, integrates rhythmic, melodic licks with hardcore accents. Members each began at a young age to perfect their musicianship. While their individual talent is evident, JUGULUR’s teaming of musicians of equal talent is both fateful and extraordinary. The band members’ prior experience includes arenas and clubs from the East Coast to Southern California. Music Connection, Skratch, and Skinnie magazines, along with LAMusicians.com, Antimusic.com, have all praised JUGULUR. Among other television shows, they appeared on MTV Icon, GSN’s “Dog Eat Dog”, Live Edge, Farmclub.com, “The Sharon Osbourne Show” and recently “The Battle for Ozzfest” and radio shows locally and nationally. Guitar Center/San Bernardino employees chose JUGULUR to perform at the store’s grand opening. Many respected manufacturers endorse the band. Currently, JUGULUR can be found at clubs throughout the Southwest U.S. Their debut EP “Planet Dead” is a 6-song EP. Hit single “Torn” has rotation in the U.S, South America, and Europe on internet, college and FM radio. Jugular