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Colin Hay

Colin Hay's wit and warmth that defined the now-classic Men at Work albums is now reaching an audience that may be too young to remember cassette tapes or the electric slide. Hay’s “I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You,” became a memorable hit from the success of the Garden State soundtrack, garnering extensive praise from all corners and all ages. “This is without a doubt my favorite song of the year,” John Mayer wrote in Esquire Magazine. “I'm still trying for a tune like this of my own.” As frontman and principal songwriter for eighties hit machine Men at Work, Hay is responsible for one of the most identifiable sounds in pop music: infectious, Caribbean-spiked blue-eyed soul with a pointedly quizzical lyrical outlook. Classic songs like “DownUnder,” “Overkill,” and “Who Can It Be Now” unfold before the ears like miniature movies, with timeless twists and a bittersweet sense of humor. Following the success of “I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You,” Compass Records is re-releasing Hay’s 2000 album, “Going Somewhere” on May 31, 2005. “Going Somewhere” is a critically-acclaimed acoustic effort that showcases the Scottish born Australian's charmfamiliar voice, songwriting excellence and clever observations. The Garden State soundtrack cut appears as a bonus track, along with a special radio edit of "Waiting for my Real Life to Begin." The album also includes the original version of “Beautiful World,” which was featured in the hit NBC series “Scrubs.” Since Men at Work broke up following the 1985 gold album Two Hearts, Hay has released a series of solo albums, reunited his old band with astonishing success, and watched as his songs continue to connect with new fans the world over. As Hay’s music finds its way into today’s film and television, audiences are rediscovering the man down under and more importantly realizing the man for his songwriting excellence. Colin Hay