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The Upset Victory

It's been a killer year so far and we're proud to add The Upset Victory to the Scratch Pad Family... thanks for taking it to the next level with are pads.

Recharged and reloaded with more firepower than ever, The Upset Victory are proving yet again they are the up and coming champs of the Cincinnati indie music scene.

Pumping out a driving, piercing mixture of punk, metal and pop, this fearsome fivesome are the embodiment of true recording and performing diehards, releasing a continuous stream of new music while taking the stage every chance they get.

Armed with a trio of freshly recorded tracks to follow up last spring’s 'Before the World Ends', the group is prepared to make their indelible mark from coast to coast.

Stephen Campbell (guitar), Frank Hammonds (guitar/vocals), Eric Vice (bass), Jason Dill (vocals), and Aaron Roy (drums) formed The Upset Victory in 2006, announcing their arrival to the world with their self-titled EP on Takeover Records the following year.

Taking cues from national acts such as Saosin, Bayside, Saves the Day and Thursday, the band exhibits their natural ear for songwriting with a keen tendency for penning catchy, memorable songs each and every time they hit the recording studio.

Check'm out at TheUpsetVictory.com