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Jason "Slim" Gambill / Lady Antebellum

Jason "Slim" Gambill, lead guitarist for Lady Antebellum has joined the Scratch Pad Family of endorsers in 2014 and, we couldn't be more honored.

Slims smooth yet electrifying style adds true flavor to Lady A's sound whether it be studio or live. His presence on stage is laid back, subtle, relaxed... then, like the flip of a switch all hell breaks loose with a barrage of axe wielding leads that ignite both band and crowd.

If keeping pace with a knock out tour schedule isn't enough, this multifaceted artist has "A" list producers from Nashville to L.A. knocking on his door during his down time as well.

If you haven't experienced Lady Antebellum live you need to break loose from that rocking chair and get yourself a dose... I've never seen a band make thousands of people, of all ages, feel like they're part of the Family... Thanks Slim

For current tour dates visit LadyAntebellum.com