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Chris Pierson

You may recognize Chris Pierson's name from the CBS's show Rockstar: SuperNova starring Tommy Lee. Chris was a member of the final 15 hopefuls that were exposed to millions each week performing cover songs on national television. "Another lesson learned," Chris says, " I am a singer/songwriter not a cover singer. My strength lies in my melodies and story teller type of songs. That is why I am solo again, I want to stand or fall on my own merit."

With a stellar new band featuring Kent Aberle (drums, formerly of "The Swear"), George Marlow (lead guitar, Atlanta Institute of Music), and Jake Kitchen (bass, formerly of "Outshine"), Chris and crew have successfully completed their first tour together. In just under a month the guys took the mid west by storm. Fans would immediately start following the band, some driving over 3 hours to come see the next show. "This was a pleasant suprise", Chris says, "most bands 1st tour sucks"! " We are very blessed to have a great group of fans". "We are all very lucky to have found each other and are thrilled to be making music together"

With three more tours in the works for 2007, the band is sure to be busy performing across the country and eventually making their way into Canada later this year. Be sure to order the new EP "The Height of Paranoia" available at www.ledge7.com as the band will be working on the full length and touring for the next year.

"The Height of Paranoia" is but a glimpse of the magic and chemistry this band has together, so if you want to be part of the revolution join up now for the message board and Street Teams. Be sure and click on the profile's below for the Chris Pierson fan page and Street Team Page.

Visit Chris Pierson at www.chrispiersonrocks.com