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Whisperwall is a high-energy rock band formed from four of the most lovable midwestern boys around. With their thick angular guitar work disguised in the form of pop rock and their "lights out" live show, Whisperwall is a group that will not be forgotten. Formed in April of 2006 and playing their first show in June, Whisperwall has toured the Midwest extensively, performing over 100 shows since...all while working full time jobs. Hard work is all they know. Holding a strict practice routine when not on the road, practice is a daily must. When it comes to promotion, you can find the boys of Whisperwall out on the streets hitting up all of the music culture hot spots in Saint Louis, MO promoting for upcoming shows by handing out flyers, CD's and stickers. Currently WhisperwalI is gearing up for a 80 day tour scaling the United States and Canada all while in the studio with producer Steve Ewing (The Urge) to start on their next release title "I started with nothing, and still have most of it" ...Whisperwall has made a loving promise among friends to play music, work hard, play shows, and have the best time that one human can in a life time. We invite you to be a part of the best thing that has ever happened to the four of us. See you at the show. WHISPERWALL