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Cameron Sass

See Cameron perform a medley of covers and his own originals here.

Scratch Pad's Artist Rep., Mark Battaglia, met this young Musician's at a Chicago Guitar Show. Like others before him, Mark was astonished by Cameron's ability to flawlessly perform the guitar licks of every Guitar Super-Star that Mark could mention.

Following this spontaneous live performance, Scratch Pad immediately invited Cameron and his family to the largest music industry trade show of the year [The NAMM Show] to meet with and perform for some of the premiere guitarists that would be in attendance. As seen within the images above, Cameron was well received.

Cameron Sass was first introduced to the idea of playing guitar at four years old. The family was on there way home from a hockey game and Cameron's father, making conversation, asked him if he would like to play guitar? The answer was a no brain-er since Cameron's favorite pass-time was playing air-guitar.

A trip to their local music dealer, Goodtime Music, resulted in a small-scale acoustic as his first guitar.

Within a few years time, Cameron was performing in many recitals culminating in a Guitarists competition sponsored by Chicago radio station 97.9 The Loop. The cover that Cameron submitted for the contest was Led Zeppelin's "Rain Song." First Prize for the competition was, a week at "Camp Jam," were Cameron was the youngest Guitarist to attend.

In January "07 we took Cameron to this first NAMM Show to see what the heavy hitters in the music biz thought of this young guitar slinger. If you have seen his video/s, it should come as no surprise that Cameron had no trouble stopping an audience in their tracks when “Lightnin' Boy” [as we call him] started laying out licks that attracted the attention of ‘A Listers’ like; Joe Satrani, Steve Vai, Johnny Highland, Randy Jackson, Mark Tremonti, Dick Dale, Paul Stanley and even the FOX News crew.

Obviously Cameron's parents beam with pride and should be commended for raising such a humble, polite and focused young man. Cameron also credits his teacher Eddie McClellan for unleashing his passion for guitar.

We are honored to be endorsing this inspiring young guitarist and will keep you posted as his career unfolds. Heads up... Cameron's little brother Chandler, also seen in the photos and videos is rapidly becoming a prodigy in his own right.

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