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Bono w/ SP's Mark Battaglia

In 1976, Bono responded to an advertisement by fellow student Larry Mullen, Jr. to form a rock band, as did The Edge (David Howell Evans), Dick Evans, and Adam Clayton. After Dick Evans left the group, the remaining four officially changed the name from "The Hype" to "U2". Initially Bono sang, played guitar, and wrote the band's songs. When The Edge's guitar playing improved, Bono was relegated mostly to the microphone, although he often plays rhythm guitar and harmonica.

Bono writes the lyrics for almost all U2 songs, and features in almost all their videos. Bono has won numerous awards with U2, including 22 Grammy awards, the most by any group. A Golden Globe Award for best original song, The Hands That Built America for the film Gangs of New York. in 2005 Bono, along with U2 was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in their first year of eligibility.

Bono is credited on each album with guitar work, and plays a fair amount of rythym guitar during live shows. He has typically been seen with a Gibson ES-137, Gibson ES-335, Gretsch Country Club and Gibson Hummingbird. As of 2001, Gretsch produces his signature guitar model, the Gretsch Irish Falcon. In addition to his work with U2, he has written songs either for or with, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Luciano Pavarotti, Sinéad O'Connor, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, Tina Turner, and BB King.

Bono is also widely known for his work as a humanitarian activist. visit there site for the latest info on the band and more.