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Scott Ian of Anthrax

In 1981 Ian formed Anthrax with bassist Danny Lilker. He was the only original member of Anthrax still in the band. In 2005, they reformed the Among The Living era lineup to release an anthology album, DVD and embarked on a world tour. Ian filmed a reality series for VH1 called "SuperGroup". Scott along with Ted Nugent (guitar), Evan Seinfeld (Biohazard, bass), Sebastian Bach (ex-Skid Row; vocals) and Jason Bonham (Bonham, UFO, Foreigner; drums) filmed in Las Vegas, with the premise being to lock several musicians in a house for 12 days and get them to write new, original music and perform a concert. In addition to the five musicians, star manager Doc McGhee (KISS) was in charge and was also living in the house for the duration of filming/recording. The show's first episode aired in May, 2006. Ian also appears on comedian Brian Posehn's music video "Metal By Numbers" which appears on Posehn's MySpace... check out Scott at ANTHRAX