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GTM "Musicianaries" endorse Scratch Pad

This is an amazing group of Entertainers that have taken their gift and created a pipeline for sharing the Gospel through music and comedy...lives are being changed and we're honored to be a part of their crusade. _________________________________ The members of GTM have been progressive in culturally sensitive music and comedy since their inception. Having originated the term "Musicianaries," they recognized that comedy, worship and quality music can be a serious force behind evangelism and church planting. Their humor sure becomes a wicked tool to open people's hearts to hear the amazing things they have to share. They have been called upon from all over the world to train national musicians for saturation evangelism. Jim, Deb and Lavon were contributing delegates to The Global Consultation On World Evangelization (GCOWE '95) in Seoul, Korea-- a congress of 4,000 Christian leaders from 200 countries. www.GTMintl.com